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November 2020
All New COLOR E-Book
Released February 2021

- Come meet Graffy!

Evan and his family are moving to a new town, leaving behind their family home and all of Evan's friends. Scared and lonely, Evan is out shopping with his mom when he finds a new best friend - a stuffed giraffe named Graffy. Little does he know, Graffy is special, and helps teach Evan how to be brave, how to find new friends, and that Evan is never alone.

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About Graffy

As each day comes to a close, bedtime rituals with my son Evan always include stuffed animals. Creating unique personalities and voices for each toy, I craft stories to bring excitement and laughter.

Graffy was one of those personalities and has been a friend and part of the family for years now.  Evan and Graffy have been on many adventures and we look forward to sharing those with the world.

I believe that the imagination is a grand tool that we all can use to make our lives richer and exciting.


Children's classic book in the making. I couldn't help put pause into the illustrations and be transformed for a while, like I used to when I was a kid.

R. Garcia

A wonderful story for children of all ages. This uplifting story delivers an important message of bravery and finding courage within yourself.

Dani D.

I could not put the book down, as it was very engaging and kept me wondering what was going to happen next! I cannot wait for the series to continue.

John D.